Why Work with Us

Through our 401(k) plan consulting services, we work closely with your company, helping to ensure your program reflects the unique characteristics of your business and your employees. With decades of experience specializing in corporate retirement plans, we are uniquely qualified to assist you across the full range of your plan needs. Through our program, Prudence 360°, we can offer a higher level of service, including:

Discretionary Trustees

Liability is a large concern for many business owners. We aim to provide our clients with confidence knowing that we stand firmly beside every employer we work with, serving as fiduciaries to help keep your plan compliant with the ever-changing regulations. We can assist you with establishing an Investment Committee to oversee the management of your 401(k) plan assets and accept liability and discretion.

Fiduciary Selection Process & Monitoring

The Investment Committee will utilize a proven, due diligence process to identify appropriate investment options to help optimize asset allocation. The Investment Committee will review each investment option quarterly. Investments that fail to meet the fiduciary standards established will be replaced with a more appropriate option, ensuring your plan will always have superior investment choices.

Revenue Neutral

As an independent firm, we have a revenue neutral fee structure, which eliminates conflicts of interest in the management of the plan assets. Any and all revenue received from the investment companies is credited back to each plan participant's account. We disclose all fees in a straightforward and easy to understand format.

Open Architecture

Our independence affords employers thousands of investment options through leading custodians. Your Investment Committee will have access to the complete universe of investment companies, without any proprietary product restrictions. This allows for a prudent and objective fund selection process.

Outsourced Administration & Planning

Beyond the services we provide, our strategic partnerships provide you with a complete outsourcing solution. We handle the administration responsibilities, including daily valuation, record keeping, enrollment, participant education, and retirement planning.